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Summer 2014 Summer Issue 2014

Florida's Secluded Charlotte Harbor – Attractions and Activities to Enjoy - Few places are left in Florida with an authentic personality, but fortunately, Charlotte Harbor and its Gulf Islands remains …>> READ IT!

"Smoke & Roses" in Florida's Charlotte Harbor - It's a long way from their original home in often-frigid South Dakota to Southwest Florida, but that didn't deter Dan and Agnes Long from achieving their dream of someday owning a sailing charter company..>>READ IT!

Charlotte Harbor's Restaurants Excel! - Food, Glorious Food - We love seafood. But despite all our travels within Florida, sometimes it's hard to find ...>> READ IT!

Amazon Jungle Jackpot - Schools of peacock bass are accessible to the explorers that reach the hidden rainforest lagoons. The big peacock bass that snapped up my white, 5/8 ounce jig powered off ..>>READ IT

St. Kitts Great Attractions - Railway, Fortress, Primates & Activities - Whether by land or by sea, when you arrive in St. Kitts you immediately get the feeling that there will not be enough time to visit all the interesting ..>> READ IT

St. Kitts Fishing - Trolling for a Wahoo Moment - Sportfishing off the coast of St. Kitts can be productive, as I found out during my recent trip aboard the charter boat .. >> READ IT

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