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Global Rescue - Worldwide Medical and Security Evacuation Services

When It's Your Life on the Line

floatPlane (17)Travelers visit destinations around the world in search of adventure, and medical emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time. These adventures are always fun and exciting, however , unavoidable accidents can and do occur.

We have friends who have experienced medical evacuation from the field which cost thousands of dollars and often can reach upwards of $100 ,000 for a full evacuation. For this reason, we have made Global Rescue, a crisis response company with no restrictions on destination or activity, Larsen Adventure Travel Magazine's preferred evacuation provider.

When you're away from home, how will you get to the life saving medical treatment you or a family member needs? In an emergency, you need reliable advice to make the right decision, and an evacuation to a medical facility you can trust. We know that Global Rescue provides both.

Global Rescue picks up where travel insurance leaves off, and that is a very big "where." 

If you suffer a heart attack, stroke, contract a life-threatening virus, or find yourself in a severe medical situation in a remote location, what do you do? Typical travel insurance companies very rarely pay for a medical evacuation - the cost of which is measured in the tens of thousands of dollars.  And if they do,  they'll take you to the "closest appropriate hospital." Your definition of "appropriate" will be vastly different from theirs when it's your life on the line.

Global Rescue's air ambulance services, real-time medical advice from specialists at John Hopkins, and deployable paramedics and security teams made up of special operations veterans are included in the price of a membership, which starts at $119. And they will get you home.

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Global Rescue is the world's premier provider of medical & security advisory and evacuation services. In our experience, we have found that only Global Rescue has the field units that will come to help you wherever your emergency occurs, by whatever means necessary. Their corps of deployable paramedics, search & rescue specialists and special operations Global logoveterans will find you, stabilize you, and bring you home.

To learn more about their services, Click Here or contact Global Rescue, Dept. LAT, 115 Broad Street, Suite 350, Boston, MA 02110, USA; Phone: 1-800-381-9754 (use CDC code LAT) or visit their website at www.globalrescue.com. There's no obligation and the life you save may be your own.



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