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Israeli female corps

Jerusalem Gethsemane

All Israeli women must serve 2 years in the military. This group of young women were assembling on Mt of Olives.

Olive tree in Garden of Gethsemane, nearly 1,000 years old.

Jerusalem Wall

Ornate Altar

Men and women must pray separately. The half reserved for the women at the Western Wall was considerably smaller and more crowded than the men's.

The ornate altar at the Holy Selpulchre Church was a sharp contrast to the simplicity of life that Jesus lived.

Jerusalem original road

Jerusalem Cardo

Remnants of the original road in Jerusalem. The small ruts on the rock were made on purpose to keep animals and wheels from slipping.

Modern square concrete columns support the foundations of the street above the original ancient road of Jerusalem. The ancient round columns are the edge of the cardo, or original road, where many of the shops were often found.


Tiberias from hill

Original Gate

The city of Tiberias at the shores of Kinneret as seen from the mountain biking trail, part of the Israel National Trail and the Jesus Trail.

The two partial round columns sitting on square bases at each side of this entrance are the original design of Roman gates into their city, and the way Romans collected entry taxes into their territories. 

Restored antique fishing boat

Capernaum ruins

After nearly 12 years of restoration work, this 2,000-year-old fishing boat, found in Kinneret, is on display at the Yigal Allon Museum.

A small portion of the ruins at Capernaum. Older ruins lie below these and those of the synagogue where I'm standing to take this photo.

Capernaum with Kinneret

Peters House

The well-excavated ruins of Capernaum, at the shore of Kinneret. Sit quietly and imagine life 2,000 years ago.

An ancient octagonal Byzantine Church, and carvings found on these original walls, identify these ruins simply as Peter's House. On left are floor mosaics found within another structure.

Priest with group

Prison at Acre

Many groups at the holy sites are accompanied by their church leader, but not all are dressed so appropriately. This preacher accompanied a Spanish-speaking group at Capernaum.

The restored prison at Acre was originally constructed by Crusaders. A visit to the interior is sobering.

Templars Hall

Walls of Acre

A small hallway of Templars' Hall in Acre, entrance to the dining hall. After thousands of years, very little work has been required to maintain the structure.

The fortified walls of Acre still exist today. Very little restoration has been needed to keep these ancient walls in good condition. 

Arabic coffee

Model Beit Shean

A shot of strong Arab coffee is all one needs to continue walking Acre's massive grounds.

Model of Beit Shean as it existed over 2,000 thousand years ago. Model shows the ampitheater that has been restored, and a separate arena where gladiators might have encountered their fate.

hot steam baths beit shean

Beit Shean at night

Hot steam baths were a part of Roman life. Men would sit on the stools to take in the hot steam flowing into the room through the vertical openings.  Adjacent to the hot baths were a cooling pool and sitting area for conversation.

Beit Shean at night. A creative audio visual presentation on the walls depicts life as it was then, and the history of earthquakes that have devastated the city over the centuries. An evening visit in the heat of summer time may be preferable.




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