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Larry Larsen
Larry Larsen
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Larry Larsen

Order Form

Order with credit card by using the submit button or mail check or money order to Larry Larsen, 2640 Elizabeth Place, Lakeland, FL 33812.  Books are normally shipped within 24 hours and arrive in 7-10 days, unless Priority Mail is added. 

                     All prices include U.S. shipping and handling

FRESH WATER (includes US shipping & handling)
 BSL3.  Bass Pro Strategies ($16.95)
 BSL6.  Bass Fishing Facts ($16.95)
 BSL8.  Bass Patterns ($16.95)
 BSL9.  Bass Guide Tips ($16.95)
 LB1.    Larsen on Bass Tactics ($16.95)
 PF3.    Peacock Bass Addiction  ($19.95)
 PF4.    Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing ($19.95)
 VID-DVD .  Master's Secrets/Peacock Bass Fishing (video) ($29.95)
 VID-VHS .  Master's Secrets/Peacock Bass Fishing (video) ($19.95)

SALTWATER (includes U.S. shipping & handling)
 IL1.   The Snook Book ($16.95)
 IL2.   The Redfish Book ($16.95)
 IL3.   The Tarpon Book ($16.95)
 IL4.   The Trout Book ($16.95)
 SW1. The Reef Fishing Book ($17.95)
 SW2. Masters Book of Snook ($17.95)

FLORIDA REGIONAL/NATURE (includes U.S. shipping & handling)
 BW2.  Guide to Central Florida Waters ($16.95)
 BW3.  Guide to South Florida Waters  ($16.95)
 OT3.   Fish & Dive Florida & The Keys ($13.95)
 FG1.  Secret Spots - Tampa Bay to Cedar Key ($17.95)
 DL2.  Manatees - Our Vanishing Mermaids ($12.95)
 DL3.  Sea Turtles - The Watchers' Guide ($14.95)
 DL4.  If I Were A Manatee - Children's Coloring/Activity Book ($5.95)

HUNTING (includes US shipping & handling)
 DH1.  Masters' Secrets of Deer Hunting ($14.95)
 DH2.  Science of Deer Hunting ($14.95)
 DH3.  Masters' Secrets of Bowhunting Deer ($14.95)
 TH1.  Masters' Secrets of Turkey Hunting ($14.95)

SPECIAL SALES (while quantities last)
 CF3.   Masters' Secrets of Catfishing ($16.95)
 BBA.   Better Bass Angling (360 Pgs) FREE - only $3.95 per book for shipping/handling
 OT1.   Fish & Dive the Caribbean ($13.95)
 T-Shirt - TS-1  Peacock Bass Explosions M   XL   or  2XL    ($21.45) 
 T-Shirt - TS-2  Peacock Bass Addiction  M      L    or     XL    ($21.45)   ($
             For more peacock bass products, go to www.peacockbassassociation.com

Total # of items
                         Total $  for items   $  
Multi-item discount  -   10% off 3 items 
                                15% off 4 or more items
Less Discount                                             $
SUBTOTAL                                                $

Check postage service and add appropriate amount if applicable
Priority Mail - $4 for 1 or 2 items              $
International Shipping - $9 per item       $  

TOTAL  ORDER                                       $

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This submission authorizes Larry Larsen to charge my credit card for the order above. You may also mail this completed form to the address below, or call 863-644-3381 with your credit card information.

Signature (if mailing)______________________________________
Paying by check!   I am enclosing a check/money order in U.S. funds for the above books.   Print and mail to Larry Larsen, 2640 Elizabeth Place, Lakeland, FL 33812.

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