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Deer and Turkey Hunting

DH2 - The Science of Deer Hunting Science of Deer Hunting - Phillips
by John E. Phillips (ISBN 0-936513-22-5)

    If you know why, where and when a deer moves, you'll be able to choose a stand site that gives you your best opportunity to bag a buck.  This book answers those questions and extensively covers deer behavior. You will  figure out many of the toughest deer hunting problems that a sportsman encounters, and you will learn what days are the most productive for hunting deer. Topics also include hunting in high pressure areas and the truth about the rut.  The book is a comprehensive compilation of techniques and tactics used by some of the most experienced, scientific deer hunters.  Learn secret strategies of how to bag a buck every season, think like a buck, know why, when and how a buck fights, and use moon phases to predict buck movement.  Phillips explains the habits of deer, giving tips such as how to create a hotspot in the woods around nut trees that will produce bucks.


Secrets of Deer Hunting - PhillipsDH1 - Masters Secrets of Deer Hunting
by John E. Phillips (ISBN 0-936513-14-4)

     Learn how to use fear as a factor in taking trophy deer that elude other hunters. Unique proven strategies for stalk hunting and for nocturnal bucks are covered in detail. Learn how to use deer routes to your advantage, pre- and post-season scouting and the effects of wind and weather and increase your odds for taking a buck next season!


DH3 - Masters' Secrets of Bowhunting Deer Bowhunting Deer book - Phillips
by John E. Phillips (ISBN 0-936513-34-9)

     Discover the skills required to take more bucks with a bow, even during gun season. To become a better bow hunter, you must learn how to choose the proper bowhunting equipment, learn to shoot accurately both from a tree stand and ground blind, and keep deer from seeing or smelling you.  All of this and more is accurately described...this book is  a  must read for those who walk into the woods with a strong bow and a swift shaft.


Turkey Hunting book - PhillipsTH1 - Masters' Secrets of Turkey Hunting
by John E. Phillips (ISBN 0-936513-18-7)

     Masters of the sport have solved some of the most difficult problems while hunting wily longbeards with bows, blackpowder guns and shotguns. Learn the 10 deadly sins of turkey hunting. New and offbeat tactics used by experts when all else fails are revealed. This book will enhance the results for experienced and beginners alike!  For guaranteed success, this "easy read" will save time in the field.

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