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Saltwater Fishing

IL1 - The Snook Book Snook Book by Frank Sargeant
by Frank Sargeant (ISBN 0-936513-13-6)

     "Must" reading for anyone who loves the pursuit of this unique sub-tropic species. Every aspect of how you can find and catch big snook is covered, in all seasons and all waters where snook are found. There are great shining hordes of the "linesiders" as far north as Tampa Bay on the state's west coast, and northward to Cocoa Beach on the east coast, and yet the number of anglers who can consistently catch them remains remarkably small.  The Snook Book can change that, bringing the reader to a much higher level of expertise.  The text contains over 40 illustrations in its 18 chapters, and gives detailed explanations of every state-of -the-art technique for finding and catching snook.  Use of live baits, topwater lures, sinking plugs, jigs, spoons and fly tackle are all included, as are special tips on wade fishing and selecting and running a boat to reach those secret snook hideaways. The book is also a compendium of information on snook biology, with information on snook growth, spawning, habits and habitat from scientific studies. And it includes a directory of Florida's best snook guides, for those who want a bit of first-hand instruction.

IL2 - The Redfish Book Redfish Book by Frank Sargeant
by Frank Sargeant (ISBN 0-936513-12-8)

     Packed with expertise from the nation's leading redfish anglers and guides, this book covers every aspect of finding and fooling giant reds.  It covers where, when and how to find and catch reds in every season of the year and throughout the regions they inhabit -- from southern Texas along the Gulf Coast to the Outer Banks of the Carolinas.  Sight-fishing on the shallow flats adds a whole new dimension to the pursuit of redfish, creating a whole new generation of enthusiastic anglers.  The Redfish Book includes information on redfish biology and their growth, spawning habits and habitats from the latest scientific studies of the species.  It also includes a directory of Florida's best redfish guides. Learn secret techniques revealed for the first time and you'll catch more redfish on your next trip!

IL3 - The Tarpon Book Tarpon Book by Frank Sargeant
by Frank Sargeant (ISBN 0-936513-16-0)

     Find and catch the wily "silver king" along the Gulf Coast, north through the mid-Atlantic, and south  along Central and South American coastlines.  Written in an informative, entertaining style, Sargeant's book gives a detailed account of how to hook and land the silvery monsters.  His practical, common-sense advice is a result of more than 30 years as a writer and guide on the Gulf Coast.  The volume includes dozens of action photos showing the excitement of tangling with this high-jumping gamefish.  Numerous experts share their most productive techniques.Tackle for natural and artificial bait fishing is explored in depth, as is the "ultimate high" in fishing, taking tarpon on flyrod gear.  The Tarpon Book also includes a chapter on biological information, plus weight/length charts that allow anglers to estimate their fish's weight without subjecting it to the hardship of being pulled from the water.  This is also a book that names names, with more than 40 noted tarpon guides included.

IL4 - The Trout Book Trout Book by Frank Sargeant
by Frank Sargeant (ISBN 0-936513-21-7)

    The book is packed with the author's expertise from his years as a trout guide, as well as tips from the nation's finest light tackle anglers and leading trout guides.  You'll discover the secrets of finding and catching spotted seatrout, the most popular of all saltwater gamefish.  Special Features include New Techniques for Trophy Trout, Secrets of Trout Biology and Habitat, Finding Trout Year Round, Plug, Spin and Fly Casting Tips.  For both the old salt and the rank amateur who pursue the spotted weakfish, or seatrout, throughout the coastal waters of the Gulf and Atlantic. Sargeant's writing is both fun and funny, and it makes any angler want to jump in the boat and start casting. For anyone who loves trout fishing, it is MUST reading! 

SW1 - The Reef Fishing Book Reef Fishing Book by Frank Sargeant
by Frank Sargeant (ISBN 0-936513-23-3)

     This complete angler's guide reveals all the tactics of top charterboat professionals for finding and catching big grouper and snapper throughout the 2 ,000-mile coastal range of these much-sought fish.  You'll learn little-known rigging tactics, tricks for finding fish year around, tips on tackle and boat handling, how to whip and land the largest fish, even how to clean and cook your catch.  If you thought you knew everything about these great-tasting fish, then you'll be surprised at what you will learn from this book!  The book with tips for grouper troopers and snapper snaggers has been called a "Bible for Bottom Fishermen".  It provides more in -depth information on fishing for grouper, snapper and other reef species than any other book ever published.

    Tactics for trolling deep with planers and downriggers are explored in detail. So are deep-jigging and live baiting methods, chumming and tackle selection. There's a chapter on choosing and using electronics, and another on selecting the right anchors and associated gear, plus how to use that gear to get positioned perfectly to fish any reef, ledge or wreck.  Species covered include everything from giant black grouper and cubera snapper to gags, red grouper, red snapper, gray or mangrove snapper, muttons and yellowtails


SW2 - The Masters Book of Snook Masters Snook book by Frank Sargeant
by Frank Sargeant (ISBN 0-936513-48-9)

     Learn the secrets of top professional skippers for finding and catching giant snook year around throughout their range. Readers will learn the latest tactics, and also discover lots of biological data never before printed. Special features include how to force the fish to bite.  This all new title is a companion to The Snook Book and is the ultimate snook book for ultimate snook fishermen.  The new reference source and "how-to" guide is loaded with additional information including the latest advanced tactics from dozens of master guides and expert anglers.  There are more than 60 photos of giant snook and the gear it takes to catch them, plus diagrams on how, when and where to find the lunkers year around. Artificial, live bait and fly-fishing techniques are all covered, and there's a special chapter on mastering the tides--the most important aspect in snook fishing.


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