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Better Bass AnglingBBA - (Follow the Forage for) BETTER BASS ANGLING  
by Larry Larsen (360 page Atlantic Publishing edition, blemished covers)

The most important key to catching bass is finding them in a feeding mood. Knowing the predominant forage, its activity and availability, as well as its location in a body of water, will enable an angler to catch more and larger bass. Whether you fish lures or live bait, you will benefit from this book! Beginners and veterans alike will achieve more success using proven concepts that are based on predator/forage interactions. Understanding the reasons behind lure or live bait success will result in highly productive patterns. SPECIAL FREE BOOK!. We are giving away Larry's original bass book and no purchase is necessary. Pay only $3.95 per book for shipping/handling.


CF3 - Masters' Secrets of Catfishing Catfishing book by John E. Phillips
by John E. Phillips (ISBN 0-936513-44-6)

     Your best guide to catching the best-tasting, elusive cats. If you want to know the best time of the year, the most productive places to fish in your pursuit of Mr. Whiskers, then this book is for you. Special features include how to find monster cats, what baits to use and when, how to find a tailrace groove and more strategies for rivers or lakes. (Only a few copies available!)



by Larry Larsen and M. Timothy O'Keefe

This is a candid guide that reveals the best charters, time of the year and other recommendations to make your next fishing and/or diving trip much more enjoyable.  It covers Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, and other islands. It is required reading for fishing enthusiasts who want to know the most cost-effective means to enjoy all of the Northern Caribbean islands.      


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