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Welcome to our helpful informational web link service where visitors can find and access a variety of useful details while planning their travel activities. Users are encouraged to let us know of other important informational websites that we should offer in our Concierge Class. Please add this page to your favorites.

  • Air Traffic Delays - current status provided by the FAA Air Traffic Control System indicates current general U.S. airport conditions and wait times at security checkpoints.
  • Cruise Itineraries and Pricing Worldwide - The fastest way to book your favorite destination
  • Currency Conversion - current official money exchange rates.
  • Flight Availability and Fares - current domestic and international air schedules, best prices and availability.
  • Health Information For Travelers - Current info on diseases, vaccinations recommended for specific destinations by the U.S. National Center for Infectious Diseases (Center for Disease Control)
  • Hotel/Resort Rates and Availability - current pricing and availability of accommodations at your destination.
  • International Phone Codes - Country and city codes for international direct dialing worldwide.
  • International Cell/Satellite Phone Rental - Weekly satellite and cell phone rentals for use while on your travels. (coming soon)
  • Language Translation - Translate any foreign language phrase or sentence to the English language and vice versa.
  • Map Directions - Find the best automobile routing to anywhere, and locate businesses, attractions or other destinations in cities with "zoomable" maps.
  • Maps of Travel Destinations - Purchase maps of most travel destinations to prepare for your trip.
  • Passports/Visa Expediting - Find out visa requirements for international destinations and get help in quickly obtaining visas, new or replacement passports or adding pages to your existing passport. (coming soon)
  • Travel Insurance - Compare over 60 trip insurance plans from top providers allowing on-line purchase with confidence.
  • TSA Travel Tips- Tips for travelers from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.
  • U.S. State Department Warnings - International travel warnings for countries and areas from the US Dept. of State.
  • Weather Forecast and Current - Current temperature, winds, humidity and skies information, plus 10-day weather forecasts for local destinations and around the world.
  • Weight and Measure Conversion - Determine U.S. unit weights, distances, volumes and temperatures. For example, a 35 degree C temperature is equivalent to 95 degrees F!
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