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    "Readers of every major publication are well-acquainted with Larry Larsen.  Author of innumerable articles and many books, winner of countless writing awards, Larsen ranks among the foremost authorities on largemouth fishing.  His "BASS SERIES LIBRARY" covers all aspects of bass fishing in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and extremely fascinating and entertaining way." -- Florida Fisherman Magazine

    "Bass pro and author Larry Larsen fortunately shares his secrets in his Bass Series Library.  Talk is cheap and advice is easy, but the techniques in his books really work!"  -- St. Petersburg Times

    "I've avidly read Larsen's magazine articles in numerous publications, and he stands head and shoulders over other bass writers.  There is a wealth of information in his books for bass fisherman, tournament angler and nature student alike.  The hows and whys of bass fishing have received a great deal of attention from publishers during the last couple of decades, but few offer as much in the way of serious but digestible information as Larsen's creations." -- Bradenton Herald

    "Whether you're a serious tournament bass angler or a fun fisherman, Larsen's books will increase your knowledge.  If you want to improve your understanding of the habits of bass, reading Larsen's books will do that.  Larsen knows how to put sentences together in an entertaining fashion and put his fish-catching skills and knowledge together in his books!" -- Lakeland Ledger

    "Larsen's books explore new subjects and present a thorough investigation into areas that can put more fish in the boat. His books are valuable additions to a fisherman's library." -- Palm Beach Post

    "In a nutshell, Larsen helps readers discover the best areas to fish, secrets of fishing each water, best techniques and lures and he provides maps which detail launch ramps and productive areas on many of the lakes.  Any bass angler worth his plastic worm owes it to himself to get the Bass Waters Series." -- Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    "Larry is one of those fishing writers that "do it" versus those that "report" on what others do." -- DeFuniak Springs Herald-Breeze

    "Larsen's "Peacock Bass Explosions" promises to become THE reference on the Americas' newest piscatorial pugilist." -- Outdoor Life, Southern Edition

    "Larry Larsen's Bass Series Library has long been considered the "Encyclopedia of Bass Fishing."  His latest effort, "Bass Tactics" is a comprehensive "how to" book chock full of proven largemouth angling techniques."  -- Suncoast Fisherman's Guide

    "Larsen, who is probably America's most prolific writer on largemouth bass, has released "Bass Fishing Facts" which may well have the most information about largemouth that has ever been gathered together in one volume. All of Larsen's books are worth adding to your home library. He knows how to fish - and how to write.  Reading his books are like getting guided fishing trips."  -- Gainesville Sun

    "Larsen, the most prolific writer on largemouth bass in the nation, offers experienced bass anglers the ultimate in inside tips on catching bigmouths.  All of Larsen's books are profusely illustrated and easy to read.  You can get a good education by simply thumbing through and looking at pictures and captions.  He offers enough information in his works to make any fisherman a bass expert overnight."  -- Tampa Tribune

    "Larsen is well qualified to write on bass, and happily, much of his wealth of experience is presented in his books.  They all present concepts which the bass angler should be able to apply to his home waters. Numerous figures and photos make the books easy to read and understand." -- Ft. Myers News Press

    "Larry Larsen's books will increase your largemouth bass catch.  His popular books are chock full of interesting and valuable information. They are packed with secret tactics and advanced strategies.  His tips in just one chapter of each book are worth the price of the entire book." -- Ft. Pierce Tribune

    "Larsen is one of the country's top bass fishermen and the advice in his books should be followed, particularly by those dedicated lunker largemouth anglers who had rather wrestle with monster bass than horse in smaller bass.  Since a feature on bass fishing expert Larry Larsen appeared last Sunday, several fishermen have phoned for information on where they can purchase his books on bass fishing." -- Orlando Sentinel

    "Another way to gain bass knowledge is with Larry Larsen's Bass Series Library.  In them, Larsen concentrates on tactics that help fishermen develop a systematic approach to locating and luring largemouths. The Bass Waters Series can be very helpful in guiding freshwater fishermen to lakes around the state." -- Florida Sportsman

     "The most informative books on bass fishing that I've read in the decade." - Atlanta Journal

     "A studious, meticulous approach to help you increase you success." - Buffalo News

     "Chock full of ideas and helpful hints to understanding the feeding habits and patterns of bass." - Shreveport Journal

     "Interesting, informative works by a recognized bass-fishing specialist." - Philadelphia Inquirer

     "Buy Bass Fishing Facts for yourself or hint broadly to your spouse that it would make a wonderful gift, but get the book!" - Rock Hill Herald

     "The reference section at the public library is seriously lacking in the ways of black bass.  That bass fishing library, however, is available from one of the most respected bass fishing writers in the country." - Arkansas Democrat

     "Larsen's books are good gifts for the sportsmen who constantly look for new ways to improve their fishing success." - Chattanooga News-Free Press

     "Thanks so much for agreeing to let us run your Bass Series of books in Bassin'.  The program has been successful and we look forward to an on-going relationship.  Bassin' fishermen like Larry Larsen books!" - Bassin' Magazine.

    "Frank Sargeant's "Secret Spots" is a must for Southwest Florida's saltwater anglers.  Those new to the area will find the book, complete with charts, tips and how-to, while veterans will discover fishy spots in areas that they might not have fished." -- Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    "The Inshore Series provides valuable information on the biology, feeding habits, and fishing techniques for the four popular saltwater gamefish." -- Ft. Pierce Tribune

    "Few writers and fewer fishermen have the credentials of Frank Sargeant, who might be the best angler/wordsmith in the outdoor arena.  He has packed a wealth of information into the four titles in his Inshore Series of books." -- Palm Beach Post

    "Manatees, Our Vanishing Mermaids", is a comprehensive guide to finding, watching, swimming and where appropriate, avoiding Florida manatee.  The best part of the book is the listing of manatee viewing areas." -- Apalachicola Times

    "There's a myriad of information that will help all travelers in "Fish & Dive Florida".  The two superb outdoor writers have traveled throughout the state researching the book, and they have compiled one of the best sources of information on fishing and diving spots available." -- Sarasota Herald-Tribune

    "Fish & Dive Florida" has countless specifics, with Loran numbers for dozens of wrecks and reefs.  By expert photographers, the pictures and reproductions are excellent." -- Gainesville Sun

 Readers Say...

"I am ordering one book to give a friend for his birthday and your two new ones.  I have all of the Bass Series Library except one.  I have followed your writings for years and consider them the best of the best!" - J. V. Cataula, GA

 "Thanks for sending me a copy of your very nice peacock bass book.  It looks great.  I am ordering 4 additional copies of the peacock book for my graduate students and Venezuelan collaborator.  I have two students stationed at Lake Guri and two stationed at the Rio Cinaruco doing research on the fish." -- K. W. Texas A&M Univ. Dept. of Fisheries, College Station, TX

 "Your book, "Peacock Bass Explosions", got me excited about fishing again.  It's tremendous! I'm catching lots of peacocks between 4 and 5 pounds in South Florida.  And to think, I quit fishing for 5 years until I read your book.  It is getting a lot of people out fishing again.  We thank you!" -- R. R. Hialeah, FL

 "On a peacock trip to South America in January, one of our thoughtful members had a copy of your book.  Since only two of us had ever fished for peacocks before, we pored over your book for advice on fishing strategies.  It was kind of comical, learning to fish by book WHILE FISHING.  We were all successful that week, catching peacock up to 19.5 pounds, and I caught 5 bigger than 14 pounds.  The peacock is a fantastic fish!  As a life long Alaskan, I think they even exceed salmon for their aggressive striking." -- C. J. S. Girdwood, AK

 "I thought I had exhausted every avenue of information and had come up empty-handed on peacock fishing, until I stumbled upon your book at the library.  Unlike other books of this nature, I was delighted to find that yours provided the detail I was looking for.  You will enable my obsessive fisherman friend and I to actually plan on such a trip and feel assured that we have an understanding, not only of the fish we're pursuing, but of the geography, logistics, necessary equipment and techniques to make it successful." -- S. O'B. Minneapolis, MN

  "It is a small world.  A friend who I had taken fishing on the Cinaruco last month had a copy of your book, Peacock Bass Explosions.  The chapters on Brazil brought back memories of my trips there.  You are the only person I know who knew the technique of using big spoons for peacocks.  We used to take a 12 foot boat and small Archimedes motor, a 120 pound test line and a foot-long spoon with a large single hook.  When the boat was on a plane, the hook stayed straight up and would run without snagging.  Those d___ peacocks would hit that spoon in full flight and almost take the guy on the other end of the line over the stern.  I agree with your comments that peacocks are the top freshwater fish pound for pound.  I really enjoyed your book and have enclosed a check for two more for a couple of buddies." -- C. S. Beaufort, SC

 "We wanted to give you special thanks for the excellent resource book used for reference in our two "Good Fishing" TV show segments on the peacock bass." -- R. E., Babe Winkleman Productions, Nisswa, MN

 "Thanks for sending me the Peacock Bass Explosions book, but I gave it away to a friend.  So my check is enclosed for another for me and a second one for another buddy.  I have two other friends that will be ordering a copy, one a biologist with Texas Parks & Wildlife." -- W. C. Austin, TX

 "I've just arrived for a one month vacation in the States and bought your "Peacock Bass Explosions".  As a Brazilian angler, I am familiar with tucunare and have fished for it all over Brazil.  After seeing those monsters you caught in South America, I had to write you in a hurry.  Until today, my biggest tucunare weighed only 8 pounds, and I need to catch one over 15 pounds badly.  Your book is very instructive and should help me catch that big one.  It'll have a permanent place in my library.  I hope someday our paths will cross in the Amazon!" -- P. D. S. Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

     "Just finished reading your great "Peacock Bass & Other Fierce Exotics"!! I just want you to know that your writings and knowledge are an inspiration to sportsmen who hope to 'pass the torch' to their children." -- E. J. Hendersonville, NC

Your Comments

E-mail us with your book review comments.  Sorry, but we won't be able to respond to all questions and/or comments.  We do however read all e-mail and appreciate your comments.

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